Rite Aid

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Rite Aid has become my favorite drugstore and if you have one in your area, you will find out why.   Like many drugstores, Rite Aid carries a variety of items from Household to Baby. 

Wellness Card
Similar to all other store cards with a few exceptions.  Sign up in store or online.  Rite Aid Wellness Card offers exclusive savings for members only and has a tiered savings structure.
  • Earn 1 point for each dollar spent on non-prescription purchases
  • Earn 25 points for every prescription purchase
  • Earn 125 points and receive a one time 10% shopping pass
  • Earn 500 points and receive a 10% shopping pass every day & free health screening
  • Earn 1000 points and receive a 20% shopping pass every day on non-prescription items

SCR (Single Check Rebates)
SCRs are monthly rebate offers (Ex: Buy 1 candy bar at $1 and get a $1 SCR #2).  When you make a purchase with an SCR attached, you will need to go online, scroll to Single Check Rebate (1st time users register) and enter your receipt information to process your rebate.  Rebate amounts can only be requested once a month so be sure you will not be purchasing any more SCR products for that month prior to requesting.

+UPs are monetary value coupons that print out at the end of your receipt based on sale items listed with +UP rewards in the weekly ad. 

You can use as many +UPs as you have on your gross amount (it will beep for the tax amount)