May 3, 2011

Couponing For Tornado Victims

The recent tornados ripped through cities and left in it's wake, a huge devastation.  Many people have lost their homes and have no food, basic needs among other things. 

Many of you want to help but don't know where to start.  I want to urge you all to take a look at your pantry and donate your stockpile items.  The victims need everything from toothbrushes to food items.  Contact your local Salvation Army to see how you can help. 

With that said, I gathered some coupons and headed to Kroger.  Here is all I got.  All the pasta and toothbrushes are going to a co-worker whose family was affected by the storms.  I urge you all to assist in any way you can.

I got:
48 Boxes Ronzoni Pasta - Mega Sale at $.49 each
2 Freschetta brick Oven Pizzas - Mega Sale $4.49 each
2 Sunny D - Mega Sale $.89 each
4 Reach toothbrushes - Mega Sale $.50 each
2 Frozen Pretzels - Mega Sale $1.49 each
2 Boulder Potato Chips - Mega Sale $.99 each
2 Propel Fitness Water - Mega Sale $.49 each
My final total was $6.56 (incl tax) and I saved $123.06

(*Please note you need to get 10 Mega sale items to get the discount/ prices shown above are after mega sale discount)


  1. Awesome! I went to Kroger for the same reason today. Got 16 boxes of Ronzoni, 2 Sunny D, 1 Boulder chips, 8 Yakisoba, 2 Kraft singles 1 propel and 12 Reach flossers. Spent $67 and paid $3 after coupons.

  2. That's great. I love it when we can use couponing for a great cause!